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Welcome to our first blog post...

Winter is for slowing down but if you are anything like us, a little bit mad and in love with your job, you may be working wildly through the chilly time of year. We decided to take a break over June from running workshops so we could reflect and improve things behind the scenes.


Our first goal was to find Melbourne's most inspiring and talented teachers and add twelve new workshops to our calendar for the second part of the year. We noticed that some people have attended nearly all of our workshops so we wanted to add variety and keep it fresh and creatively exciting. We want to offer variety while maintaining the same quality and care that we bring to our workshop environment.

We love watching people gather in our studio, share stories, food and learn new skills. The space often feels like it's bursting with conversation, enthusiasm, laughter and wonderful creations. It's exactly what we love about hosting events and workshops.

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Our second goal was to build this shiny new website so that you can get to know our teachers, event managers, artist and staff as well as being able to look through gorgeous galleries of our past events.

We may have neglected our partners, animals, children and washing baskets a little during the building of the site but it's finally live and we couldn't be happier. Be sure to let us know what you think. 


Our final goal was to start this blog. We wanted a place to share a bit more of ourselves. Stay tuned to hear about our favourite artists, ethical businesses and community partners. We'll also be sharing recipes, life hacks and stories of our (mis)adventures and creative projects.

We'd like to feel a little more connected, even through this computer screen that we spent way too much time on. We hope to keep this blog honest, entertaining and useful so that you can get to know us a little better. We hope to get to know you too so stay in touch!