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We've moved!

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With passion as big as ours, growth and change is inevitable eventually... this weekend we are moving to our new studio space/home/magic mountain at 1/10 Langwells Parade, Northcote, and though the process is highlighting that change is scary (!!), we are very excited and can't wait to take you with us on the next phase of our journey.

Our new location is right in the hub of Northcote, just off High Street, right by Northcote Plaza (and the gorgeously green All Nations Park), and just a block down from The Northcote Social Club.
The studio can easily be accessed via Tram 86, alighted at stop 34 Bent St/High St.
Serendipitously, Langwells Parade starts up just as Beavers Road ends at High Street. Our new place will be new but our shared experiences and drive will always be a direct line from our beginnings.

It is important to us that you know our new studio on Langwells Parade will be exactly the same in everything that matters - homely, lusciously green and welcoming - a place for you to come and learn, feel empowered and inspired, find community and just slow down.

We are committed to creating meaningful and inspiring events
with a positive social and environmental outcome.
We believe passionately in the power of community in connection
with the environment and in good sustainable design.
It is this firm ethos which influences all of our proud endeavours.

Big Bang Studio has been our cherished home of the last four years and Erin & Henrik deserve many sincere thank you's for their support, and for providing a naturalist escape and nurturing environment in which to grow. Even though we are technically moving out, Big Bang will not be able to get rid of us that easily - we will still be hosting epic events in the infinity room, and will be present and partying at every single social occasion!

 Magic inside the BIG BANG Studio Infinity Space

Magic inside the BIG BANG Studio Infinity Space

Our constant companions & family BRAVE NEW ECO , whom we shared our studio with, will be especially hard to leave behind. We would like to express our gratitude for being able to work along side likeminded business's with the same ethical values as ours. Thank you for the shared wine at knock off time, and the memories.

 Megan & Kelsey in the BRAVE NEW ECO / PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT Studio

Megan & Kelsey in the BRAVE NEW ECO / PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT Studio

We cannot wait to invite you in! Not all movements in life are forward, but this one definitely is and we look forward to keeping you updated as we progress.