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WASTE NOT Book Launch

Our director, Laura, recently contributed to this new book that you MUST get your hands on. Erin Rhoads is the author of Waste Not: A Practical guide to tackling waste at your own pace.

"This is a much-needed guidebook from a true agent of change." Sarah Wilson.

'We need to talk about waste. Shrink-wrapped vegies, disposable coffee cups, clothes and electronics designed to be upgraded every year: we are surrounded by stuff that we often use once and then throw away. Each year Australian households produce enough rubbish to fill a three-bedroom home, including thousands of dollars worth of food and an ever-increasing amount of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down and often ends up in our oceans or our food chain.
But what to do about such a huge problem? Is it just the price we pay for the conveniences of modern life? What if it were possible to have it both ways – to live a modern life with less waste?
That’s where Erin Rhoads, aka The Rogue Ginger, comes in. Erin went from eating plastic-packaged takeaway while shopping online for fast fashion, to becoming one of Australia’s most popular ecobloggers. Erin knows that small changes can have a big impact. In 'Waste Not' she shares everything she’s learnt from her own funny, inspiring – and far-from-perfect – journey to living with less waste.'

If you head on down to the book launch on Thursday, July 12th, you will see both Laura and Erin there.