Phoebe Portrait.jpg

Phoebe Powell is our event photographer at PYHII. She runs her own business PHOEBE POWELL PHOTOGRAPHY.

What do you do at PYHII and (what do you love about it)?

When I am photographing the workshops I am documenting all the beautiful moments, people trying new things, meeting new people, or celebrating friendship in a new environment. We can get so caught up in routine so to through ourselves in a completely unique setting is so refreshing. Put Your Heart Into It has this magic ability to draw together such awesome people, and I have made so many brilliant connections. For Laura Kate-Issell the sky is the limit, she is abound with endless creativity and is always working on new projects. What an inspiration!

What do you do when you’re not at PYHII?

I run my own photography business based out of a Brunswick studio where I photograph faces, places and things. When I am noting running my business (which feels like always), you will find me as far away from my home office as possible, with my film camera in toe, most certainly with my dog, and most probably looking under logs for colourful mushrooms.

What are your greatest pleasures? What do you do for kicks?

I love  collaborating with creative, inspiring people (like the Put Your Heart Into It team). The feeling of working with my camera to create art is essential for me, and keeps me loving photography and what I do for work. Aside from my camera, my heart beats for live music, a good pub, loud laughter, hearty food and swimming to keep the balance! Oh, and getting photos back from film rolls.

What are you listening to / watching / following that makes you light up?

Listening to - Audiobooks whilst I work, I have just finished East of Eden, by Steinbeck.

Watching- House of Cards

Following- How I built This Podcasts, about very inspiring people that have built successful businesses from the ground up.