PRUE AJA teaches our PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING WORKSHOP as well as photographing events for us. She is a photographer, stylist, mother and all round rock star. She is our studio neighbour at BIGBANG studios.

What do you do at PYHII and (what do you love about it)?

I am one of the trainers for the styling and photography workshops and love sharing my skills and expertise with entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business visually through photography.

What do you do when you’re not at PYHII?

I work with  businesses leading with purpose to inspire positive change to create on brand sals and marketing content to bring their products and services to a global market through creative direction and photography.

What are your greatest pleasures? What do you do for kicks?

Other than take photos and work with amazing people that I love - I enjoy escaping the city into nature and switching off completely from technology to recharge my batteries.

What are you listening to / watching / following that makes you light up?

I love spotify as it feed me what I need for every mood but mostly enjoying 70's psychedelic rock. I haven't made much time for watching anything and have been trying to get into reading fiction but as far as I get that isn't business or personal development is a biography. I have an obsession with learning new things.