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Jessie Ford teachers our FOLIAGE ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP. She is an artist, illustrator and teacher.

What do you do at PYHII and (what do you love about it)?

I teach botanical art workshops where we learn how to draw and paint subjects such as leaves or flowers. I love coming to teach at PYHII as it has such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that encourages people to come together and laugh or learn from others they previously didn’t know. I love that sustainability and the environment are within the core values at PYHII as these are important to me as well. Plus, the local produce grazing tables are delish!

What do you do when you’re not at PYHII?

I teach private art lessons, term classes and workshops around Melbourne and Australia. I have a studio in Coburg North where I can often be found creating my own botanical artworks for exhibitions or drawing commissioned pet portraits for people who love their pets.

What are your greatest pleasures? What do you do for kicks?

I love getting out of the city and going for walks or camping anywhere nature-esque. I absolutely love to have a boogie (I wish Soul-A-Go-Go was every weekend) and eat gelato or ice cream, but I get the most kicks out of simply enjoying the company of my friends and family.

What are you listening to / watching / following that makes you light up?

Lately I can’t get enough of disco music! I find it’s great for when painting or drawing as helps me forget about the fact I’m sitting still. I’ve also been listening to the podcast Starving Artist Pod lately, which I’d recommend for any sort of creative freelancer. I'm always looking to old 18th and 19th century botanical artists such as George Ehret and Redouté as well as some impressionist or minimalist paintings like Bobby Clark for colour inspiration.